Saturday, 4 February 2017

How to Download Aadhaar card by using Enrolment number in less than 2 minutes

Now it is a very good and better way to get your lost aadhaar card back by your Aadhaar Number(UID)  or Enrolment  Id (EID) . It your aadhaar card has been lost then you can get back again . Government of India is facilitating  that your can download your E – Aadhaar card and this will be valid as the same like original and can give the copy of it as the identity proof.
You can download Aadhar card online by using your Enrolment number, there are so many reason can be happened to download E-Aadhaar card online without paying anything.
Maybe you haven’t received your Aadhaar card at your home yet, in this situation you can Download PDF file of Aadhaar online from Aadhaar card official website, because the official GOVT website provides this free service for every internet user, but you have to know the personal detail of your Aadhaar card that you are requesting for download.
Well, you can download your aadhar card by using two options, but in this post I’ll show you How to download E-Aadhaar card by using Enrolment number.